Grundfos Alldos Chlorine Dioxide System in Malaysia’s new Sepangar Bay submarine naval base


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At the Malaysia’s New Sepangar Bay Submarine Naval Base, Bacfree-Trident Water is selected to provide and retreat the direct potable water from municipal treated water for marine vessel applications. The source water is from the local municipal treated water supply source and is of excellent quality for most of the time. However, the water may be undesirable for direct potable applications due to occasion high turbidity spikes, chlorine by products health risks, declining water quality and bacteria recontaminations in the distribution pipelines and water storage tanks.

In order to provide safe, clear, odourless potable drinking water with minimal chlorine by products formation such carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THM’s) and prolonged period of residual disinfection and protection against biofilm formation, pathogenic microorganisms such as E.Coli, Coliform, Legionella, Giardia Cysts, etc, a multi-barrier approach of using the combination of microfiltration- UV-Chlorine Dioxide technologies in a Bacfree-Trident Water’s TRI CHLOX Packaged System is used and installed at the facility.

Water solution
The fully automated packaged solution offered is developed in partnership with Bacfree, Trident Water & Process Technologies and Grundfos Alldos and is unique in overcoming all the specific water issues at the naval base together with being fully compliant to current Drinking Water Standards as specified by Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH), US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and World Health Organisation (WHO). The packaged solution comprised of 2 modules, i.e.

  1. TRI CHLOX-MMF MODULE, which utilizes Bacfree-Trident Water multi medium filtration and UV Disinfection technology utilizing a combination of media microfiltration preloaded with multi filter media to address sediment, rust particles, suspended solids, chlorine, odours, tastes and organic contaminants, and high intensity UV dose to achieve log 4 reduction or 99.99% kill rate of microorganism such as bacteria and viruses.
  2. TRI CHLOX-CLO2 MODULE, which utilizes Bacfree-Grundfos Alldos based Chlorine Dioxide System in the production of the potent, fast acting and effective oxidizing and disinfection chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is used primarily as a broadspectrum antimicrobial disinfectant to address biofilm formation, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, legionella, yeast, mold and fungi. Chlorine dioxide offers a number of advantages for water disinfection compared to chlorine and chloramines, the disinfectant commonly used in the municipal water treatment i.e. higher disinfection effect, high redox potential, biofilm removal capability, no carcinogenic chlorine by products (e.g. THM and toxic chloramines), no undesirable odour, smell and taste, long residual time which is stable and ensure microbiological protection in the pipeline system over a long period.

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