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First SELCOPERM unit installed within the Czech Republic to serve for potable water disinfection through the electrical chlorination method

ŽLUTICE, Czech Republic: 1/3 of the total capacity of the waterworks at Žlutice has been designed for supplying drinking water to a group of communities found within the catchment area of Žlutice (approximate population of 14,000), the remaining 2/3 of the total drinking water capacity serving the water-supply network of the Region of Ústí, which is operated by the Company SČVK a.s., Teplice. The water reservoir is situated about 40 km to the east of Karlovy Vary. The waterworks can produce a maximum of 190 l/sec of drinking water, the current operating capacity used being around 110 l/sec. The waterworks is operated by the Company Vodárny a kanalizace Karlovy Vary.

Grundfos contributions:

  • preservation of free-chlorine method of disinfection
  • safe technology of producing sodium hypochlorite
  • through electrolytic process
  • low costs of operation
  • even and accurate dosage of the product
  • minimum maintenance demands


The conventional water treatment technology originally included a disinfection method, which suited water featuring the composition and characteristics of raw water (surface water). Applied was chlorine gas, which was dosed by outdated vacuum controllers into pressure water and thus supplied to two application points – i.e. pre-chlorination of the raw water and post-chlorination of the final treated drinking water.

The raw water disinfection is one-off and it is first of all adopted during summer months to prevent extra excess microbiological life in the water. At the maximum chlorine feed rate in these application points, the chlorine gas demand ranged around 30 kg Cl2 per 24 hours.

 The above described disinfection method calls for increased safety at work, regular inspections of the equipment and building, increased costs in connection with the filling of the pressure gas cylinders, as well as transportation and storage of chlorine gas.

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