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GTI Cover at Pinnacle Foods Harnesses Energy from Anaerobic Digestion


The Customer:
Pinnacle Foods is a leading producer of quality branded food products that are found in 85 percent of American households.

The Customer’s Needs:
When Pinnacle Foods’ acquired the Wish Bone® and Western® salad dressing businesses, its production plant in St. Elmo, Illinois, USA, would need to expand for additional flow. As part of the wastewater treatment expansion, Pinnacle Foods introduced anaerobic digestion technology. By capturing the biogas generated from the anaerobic process, Pinnacle Foods could harness the energy to offset costs and become more sustainable. It just needed the right gastight cover.

The Solution:
Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) was selected to design and install a gas collection cover for Pinnacle Foods as part of its wastewater treatment expansion project. GTI designed and installed a patented 95-foot-diameter (29 meter) insulated cover is designed to resist the elements and weathering. The custom-made cover also includes various cover accessories to facilitate operator inspections and maintenance, and is especially designed to safely support foot traffic.

The Results:
The gas collection cover that GTI engineered for Pinnacle Foods reliably collects biogas from the anaerobic digester, preventing harmful greenhouse gasses from releasing to the atmosphere. The system can generate 67,000 ft³/d (1,900 m³/d) of biogas, which is utilized in a new boiler at the treatment plant, helping to heat the digester to the proper temperature. The insulation provided by the cover also helps the digester retain heat more efficiently.

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