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GTI helps keep Kamloops beautiful - case study

Courtesy of Geomembrane Technologies, an Evoqua brand

The City of Kamloops is located in the interior of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province.

As part of Kamloops’ Liquid Waste Management Plan, the city was seeking opportunities to use its wastewater as a resource, rather than treat it solely as waste. One method was to capture methane gas (biogas) produced from the anaerobic treatment of wastewater and use it to generate power. Covering and insulating the 5 acre (2 hectare) anaerobic lagoon would be a key part of an overall plant upgrade which includes lagoon restructuring, new pipelines, and aeration cells.

Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) was selected to plan, design, fabricate, and install an insulated floating gas collection cover with a biogas handling system to capture and deliver biogas for eventual energy recovery.