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GuideKeeper security concept of operation

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GuideKeeper aims at defining the Security Concept of Operation (SECOP) and promoting the deployment in Europe of open architecture platforms for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for border surveillance. Several UAV system concepts will be considered. Of particular interest to the GuideKeeper project will be a High Altitude Platform Security Surveillance Tower (HAP Tower) with real-time constraints to provide prospective options for independent open architecture system for the operation of unmanned (including UAVs) air-to-ground wide area land and sea border surveillance platforms. The SECOP also includes the methods and the tools to be used at existing security-related sites. Main business objectives are: (a) international leadership in the deployment of new platforms and sensors to comply with the SECOP, (b) experience to be gathered with the applicability of methods and tools resulting from other areas and projects in which the consortium members are involved or have knowledge and (c) as end-product of the project an SSA – Strategic SECOP Agenda for Intelligent and Enhancing Border Security will be proposed to the EC.

Keywords: security surveillance, open architecture, unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, border surveillance, radar, guidance, control, border security

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