Guidelines for the selection of consultants advising SMEs on integrated quality, environment, health and safety management systems


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The aim of this CWA is to provide a guide for professional integrated management system consultants, as well as internal personnel acting as an integrated management system manager.

Organisations managed under the ISO 9000 principles, are required by legislation to satisfy environmental and health and safety systems requirements as well. Although standards application and certification are available and can be applied right down to single person organisations, this often presents a major challenge to many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) because:

  • the required competence or resources may not be available within the organisation;
  • is it advisable to have a competent integrated management system consultant capable of:
  • understanding the organisation’s structures and dynamics;
  • developing and implementing a fully integrated process based management system that addresses the overall organisation, including quality, environmental, health and safety performance.

From these considerations, it is important that the essential integrated management system consultant competencies are defined:

I. to develop competence programmes guiding current and future integrated management system consultants;

II. to provide guidance for organisations seeking or engaging the services of an integrated management system consultant;

III. so that integrated management system consultants eventually could be certified by a third party, in order that organisations can trust them when procuring their services.

To support the principle of fair competition in the European Community there are advantages if guidance criteria are coordinated at European level:

1) to support SMEs’ ability to compete in the open European market which is increasingly concerned with issues of quality, health, safety and environmental impact;

2) to allow integrated management system consultants to offer a pan-European, universally recognised level of service.

The essential competence requirements for an integrated management system consultant should be based on their capability to assist an organisation in designing, implementing and maintaining a fully integrated management system satisfying quality, environment, health and safety requirements relevant to the industry sector and the organisation. The integrated management system consultant should additionally have demonstrable skills and knowledge to provide expert advice on managing quality, environment, health and safety matters that may arise in the organisation to a level consistent with the business operations within the relevant industry sector.

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