Gum Removal Equipment Eliminating Chewing Gum on Concrete

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Gum removal equipment utilized for removing chewing gum from concrete should be high quality. Additionally, it should have a few features that will help contractors remove gum efficiently and quickly without damaging the concrete surface. Purchasing low-quality steam cleaners sold as gum removal machines are not sufficient for this task. Commercial steam cleaners fitted with gum removal mechanisms are the best investment, as these machines run longer and last for years. Some of the most important features of gum removal equipment are mentioned below.

Gum removal equipment often creates temperatures as high as 386°F. Such high temperatures are needed for almost instant disbanding of gum. Even hardened gum is softened and removed easily if you have a machine with the right temperature. There are other reasons the gum remover should have high temperatures. These machines are used for many applications other than removing chewing gum.

Hot steam is required for cleaning stoves, bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, mattresses, floors, and many other surfaces. With added anti-bacterial technologies, these machines can also help eliminate more than 99 percent of commonly found germs and bacteria on the surface.

Heat and Corrosion Resistance
Heat, rust, and corrosion reduce the life of gum removal equipment. Therefore, you need to purchase machines that are corrosion resistant and can withstand high temperatures. One of the features to look out for is the material the components of gum removal machines are constructed with. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, heat, and high pressure. This is the reason boilers and heating elements built of steel last longer than aluminum boilers.

For an added guarantee of boiler quality, look for gum removal machines that have a lifetime warranty on the boiler. This will considerably reduce repair costs should the boiler need replacement. Self cleaning boilers do not require intensive maintenance.

Detailing Tools
The chewing gum removal accessory kit provided with the machine should contain stainless steel and brass brushes, plus steel wool to remove gum from concrete. Sidewalk gum removal requires daily attention, which is why harder, durable steel brushes are preferable to brass brushes, which work better on softer surfaces. Detailing kits also contain nylon brushes for handling polished or surfaces not scratch resistant, including glass and enamel. Pay attention to the detailing tools as they will help you use gum removers for applications other than concrete gum removal. These tools will help you clean granite, glass, hardwood, tiles, marble, ceramic, metal, and many other types of surfaces.

Continuous Use
Concrete gum removers machine should be able to work for hours without interruption. This is why you need machines designed to run nonstop. One of the drawbacks of conventional steam cleaners is their limited operation duration due to loss of water and pressure in the boilers. If the boiler can be filled while the machine is running, it raises productivity by eliminating the need for frequent pauses. This is just what high-end commercial gum removal machines do. The boiler is refilled multiple times when the machine is still in operation, thus maintaining constant temperature and pressure levels.

Buyers should weigh all available options when choosing gum removal equipment. The best machines for concrete and sidewalk gum removal projects have all or most of the features mentioned above.


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