Gum Removal Made Easy Using Steam Cleaners

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Chewing gum removal is one of the most irksome jobs for the cleaning departments of commercial buildings and educational institutions. People of all generations chew gum regularly and, unfortunately, many spit out the gum residue wherever they want.

These chewed-gum pieces remain on surfaces and stick to floors or walls. Soon, the number of pieces increases and ultimately spoils the appearance of a floor or wall. Timely removal is the only option for countering this gum problem.

What cleaning workers want is quick gum removal. Using normal cleaning methods, it takes a long time to remove chewing gum pieces. This article provides some tips to make the chewing gum removal process easier and faster.

Right Equipment
The most important thing in the cleaning process for removing chewing gum pieces is the choice of cleaning machine. One can use all kinds of cleaning machines, ranging from pressure washers to old fashioned scraping, for this purpose. But, none of the machines are as effective as steam cleaners equipped with gum extraction add-on tools for most indoor cleaning situations.

To understand this completely, one must first understand how steam cleaners work.

Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaning machines work by ejecting high temperature output onto hard surfaces. The output temperature of these machines ranges up to 386°F, depending upon the model. The output melts the dirt, stains, and gum residue present on the surface. These molten or dissolved dirt pieces can be easily removed either by manual means or by using a vacuum.

Gum removal requires a machine that can provide high temperature output. Gum pieces are relatively easy to melt. That is the surest way to ensure that chewing gum residues are removed from the surface.

Useful Tips for Removing Chewing Gum
The first tip is to choose a quality of the gum remover machine. The better quality of the machine, the better results you will have removing the gum. Buying the machines from reliable and reputable suppliers solves those problems.

There are two other considerations that can increase the efficiency of a gum removal machine: dry vapor output and an attached vacuum.

Dry Vapor Output
Sophisticated commercial steam cleaners offer dry vapor output. Dry vapor is superheated water, in which the actual liquid water content is less than 5%. This kind of output is best suited for chewing gum removing.

Commercial steam cleaners with dry vapor output have twin benefits. First, these machines offer much sharper outputs that increase the efficiency of cleaning. Second, because the liquid water content is low, the cleaned surfaces dry very quickly after chewing gum removal.

Attached Vacuum and Gum Extraction Add-On Tools
Ordinary steam cleaning machines just dissolve dirt. Such machines do not have the capability to extract the dirt. Floor steam cleaners with attached vacuums and gum extraction add-on tools, such as metal scrubbing brushes and squeegees, can dissolve the dirt as well as extract it. These machines are tailor-made for removing chewing gum pieces.

Steam cleaners equipped with attached vacuums and gum extraction add-on tools increase both the speed and efficiency of gum removal. Using top-quality floor steam cleaners goes a long way in reducing the difficulty and cumbersome nature of extracting chewing gum residue from hard surfaces.


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