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GWT Case Study - Produced Water - Oil/Gas Industry


GWT Case Study -

Produced Water  Treatment/Reuse - Oil/Gas Industry


A large oil processing company wanted to reuse their produced water from several oil wells applications. The water contained hydrocarbons, sulfate, TSS, BOD/COD, dissolved salts and high levels of iron and manganese at nearly 65-90 mg/l combined. 


Genesis Water Technologies provided consulting and engineering design as well as providing the specified system solution. The system solution included advanced oxidation process with recirculation in batch process followed by specialized backwash filtration systems with final tertiary treatment via desalination through a GWT series reverse osmosis system for removal of dissolved salts.


The system was installed by our local project management/contractor on site with technical assistance provided by Genesis Water Technologies. The system is performing within operating parameters set by the client, reducing their operating and water disposal costs. 

Customer comments

  1. By Tim Claughton on

    What is the price per barrell to treat the water by the client?