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H.J. Bhabha: a case study of synchronous references

Quantitative analysis of the events of synchronous references in the research papers followed throughout the publishing career of an individual scientist revealed interesting highlights on the knowledge-generating-system. In the case study of Homi Jehangir Bhabha, the first quinquennium and fifth quinquennium of his research career had low self-references; the third quinquennium and the fourth quinquennium had moderate self-references; whereas the second quinquennium had the highest number of self-references. The two major clusters of self-references occurring during the second and third quinquenniums were indicators of active periods of knowledge-generating and faster communications.

Keywords: author self-citations, bibliometrics, knowledge embryology, HJ Bhabha, nuclear knowledge generating system, intellectual output, publication productivity, scholarly communications, synchronous self-citations, temporal profile, self-references

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