H2S Oxidation System for Offshore Platforms


Courtesy of Merichem Company

In May of 1994, Chevron USA Production Company selected the LO-CAT® II Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation Process as part of the natural gas sweetening train for the Mobile Block 864 “B” Production Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The entire sweetening train, consisting of both an amine unit and the LO-CAT II unit, is located on the platform. The LO-CAT II unit absorbs H2S from the amine acid stream and then converts it to elemental sulfur.

As this was the first LO-CAT II unit on an offshore platform, Chevron and Gas Technology Products worked together to ensure the success of the unit. Several areas of the standard LO-CAT II equipment package, including vessels, structural steel, and instrumentation, were redesigned so as to meet offshore requirements involving space, corrosion control, and on stream availability.

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