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Hachez-Chocoladen, Bremen, Germany – case study


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The Hachez Chocolate Co. of Germany was established by Joseph Emile Hachez, a chocolatier of Belgian origin, in 1890. After more than 100 years, Hachez continues to make quality German chocolate, with high cocoa content Cocoa d'Arriba and Maracaibo chocolates as a specialty. Hachez uses only the finest natural ingredients, including cocoa from Ecuador and Venezuela along with natural Bourbon vanilla, making their chocolate by the traditional handcraft methods. The result: Hachez chocolate will satisfy the most demanding chocolate connoisseur.


The Hachez technologist had found scaling residue on casting molds coming out of the huge “dishwasher” machine, causing the chocolate to appear dull.


In 2001, Hachez Chocolate Co. maintenance engineer had installed a 4” ION SB100-16 ScaleBuster conditioner right before the “Dishwasher” to prevent scale residues on the molds.


Following the first installation of the ScaleBuster conditioner, with shiny chocolate coming out of the molds, the ScaleBuster technology was adapted by the Hachez Chocolate Engineering Manager. More ScaleBuster conditioners were since installed to protect rolls and nozzles in different parts of the process (including one ScaleBuster which protects the stuff showers).


The patented ScaleBuster technology completely replaces traditional chemical treatment; providing control of scale and corrosion in various water process systems to create an exceptionally clean system. This dramatically reduces energy and water consumption, while reducing or, in certain cases, eliminating toxic water discharge to the environment.

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