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Halifax case study


Courtesy of Highland Energy (N.S.)Inc.

Highway 101 Landfill
Sackville, Nova Scotia

In 2001 Highland Energy Inc. was contacted by the Halifax Regional Municipality regarding their recently closed landfill on route 101 in Sackville, Nova Scotia, with regards to determining the potential to develop a landfill gas to energy project. Highland conducted its due diligence and feasibility studies and concluded that, subject to certain conditions, the site had the potential to produce enough landfill gas to make a landfill gas to energy project possible.

Based on the information available at that time, Highland made a proposal to HRM. After approximately 6 months Highland and HRM came to agreement for Highland to acquire the right to utilize the landfill gas at the site. Highland then commenced negotiations with Nova Scotia Power Inc. to secure a power purchase agreement for NSPI to purchase the renewable energy under a long term contract.

After a protracted length of time a 15 year power purchase agreement was successfully negotiated. Highland then completed the design and engineering of the landfill gas collection system and the landfill gas to energy plant. Construction commenced on the collection system in the fall of 2005. The collection system consisted of 74 landfill gas wells and the collection system to bring the landfill gas to the power plant. The collection system was completed in April 2006 and the landfill gas was flared pending the completion of the power plant.

The power plant construction commenced in January 2006 and was completed in October of the same year. Official commercial operations of the power plant began in December 2006. Since then, the power plant has run continuously to the present time.

The environment and surrounding areas around the landfill have improved significantly in that the vegetation has flourished and there are no more odour issues or gas migration.

This project is expected to continue for at least 10 to 15 years. This project illustrates how public and private entities can collaborate to address environmental issues

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