Hammer mill possesses qualities of simple structure


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Although southwestern Wisconsin is best known today for its rich farmlands, place names such as Mineral Point and New Diggings evoke an earlier time when local mines produced much of the nation’s lead. In the early nineteenth century, Wisconsin lead mining was more promising and attractive to Mobile Concrete Crusher potential settlers than either the fur trade or farming. Its potentially quick rewards lured a steady stream of settlers up the Mississippi River and into Grant, Crawford, Iowa, and Lafayette counties in the early nineteenth century. By 1829, more than 4,000 miners worked in southwestern Wisconsin, producing 13 million pounds of lead a year.

Europeans had known of the presence of lead ore in the upper Mississippi since the seventeenth century, and for hundreds of years before that, the Ho-Chunk, Mesquaki (Fox), Sauk, and other Indian tribes had mined its Lead Quarry Equipment easily accessible lead. French fur trader Nicolas Perrot began actively trading in lead mined by Indians in the 1680s. When the French withdrew from the area in 1760, Indians guarded the mines carefully, revealing their locations only to favored traders such as Julian Dubuque.

At Schutte Buffalo Hammermill we don’t stock any of our mills. We understand that many Used hammer mill factors must be considered when choosing the right size reduction equipment. Our aim is to match you with a mill suitable for your specific material and processing goals. From portable laboratory scale units to complete turn-key industrial systems, our expert engineering team will work with you to design a size reduction solution for your unique processing objective. The result – customization without the custom price tag.

The hammer mill also named hammer crusher, and crushes materials by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials. The hammer crusher is used to crush mid-hardness and weak corrosive materials, whose compressive strength is under 100 Mpa, and water ratio is less than 15%. Hammer mill possesses qualities of simple structure, large reduction ratio, and high-efficiency. Both Dry and Wet Process are available.

We can crush concrete, cinder block, asphalt, brick, limestone, concrete formwork (old catchbasins, concrete pipe, etc.), granite, slag and more. Rebar is not an issue as our mobile / portable / onsite concrete crushers handle rebar with ease. These crusher systems also have on-board magnets to collect the rebar or other metalics so the client gets a clean product.

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