Harmony’s Proven Process


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Many companies have a proven process that outlines their product development, testing, manufacturing, and quality control measures.  Some even go as far as to have these processes put under intense scrutiny by outside agencies.  Even with these processes documented and evaluated, very few are able to conform to high international standards like those set forth by ISO.

What about the sales process and customer engagement?

These processes are often overlooked and are rarely defined by manufacturers.  When articulated clearly, proven processes offer consumers the peace of mind they need to make informed purchasing decisions.  Customers have every right to ask the seller about their proven process and how it might impact their own experience.

Harmony Enterprises is proud of its Proven Process.  Not only are we an ISO9001:2015 company, we have successfully implemented our own Proven Process for nearly half a century.

Harmony’s Proven Process is simple, repeatable, and measurable.

Our Innovative solutions provide you with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership, accompanied with a True Partnership Approach.  This is what you can expect when you put your trust in a quality solutions provider like Harmony Enterprises:

Harmony’s Proven Process

1.  Opportunity:  Identify markets where we can meet customers’ needs.

Market research and analysis are at the forefront of what we do.  Harmony has a rich history of diversifying its product line to meet the needs of its customers.  Often times, the need in these markets can be solved with the implementation of one or more of our quality products.

In other cases, our research identifies opportunities for us to create market differentiators that solve these problems.  We invest time and money into research, development, and testing of each new product or service, to ensure that each is the correct solution created specifically to address those need gaps.

Harmony is the innovative global solutions provider for the waste handling and recycling industry.  We proudly manufacture quality equipment and provide world-class services in this market.  For us to try to take advantage of opportunities outside of this area of expertise would not make business sense, nor would it benefit the end consumer.

2.  Listen:  Understand the customers’ needs and wants.

Even though we take the time to identify market opportunities, we learn the most about our products and services through the valuable feedback offered by our loyal customers.  Every situation is different, and should be thought of as an opportunity to manage waste and recycling commodities, while saving time and money for the end-user.

Heidi Hanson, Inside Sales Specialist

Our website contains a great deal of useful product information, as well as filters and operational videos to help customers identify what solutions might best fit their individual situation.  Once you contact us, our competent and courteous sales team is eager to listen to you and your needs.  With Harmony, you are guaranteed to talk with a trained professional based in our Minnesota office who will be with you throughout the entire sales process.

3.  Solution:  Propose right solution to address customers’ needs.

Once we have listened to your needs and wants, we leverage our expertise and knowledge to propose a solution that will exceed your expectations, align with your project’s time frame and budget.  We will not sell you equipment or services that are not necessary, nor will we allow you to purchase something that will not achieve your desired outcomes, just for the sake of making a sale. Harmony Enterprises provides the right solution, every time.

4.  Implementation:  Ensure seamless installation / integration of solution.

Seamless installation of a M42BC Vertical Baler in a downtown Philadelphia retail location.

With Harmony, you will experience seamless installation of your equipment solution. We will work with you to produce, ship, and install our quality products on time, efficiently, and according to specifications.  We partner with competent logistics professionals and technicians throughout the United States to get the job done to your satisfaction.

5.  Partnership:  Develop lasting relationship to be there for the customer in the future.

We recognize that the sales process does not end with the installation of your equipment and final invoicing.

Instead, Harmony has a strong desire to nurture positive business relationships long into the future.  We will be there to provide preventive maintenance, remote monitoring of your equipment, and to repair service and parts, if needed.  When you Experience Harmony, you won’t ever need to look for another waste handling and recycling solutions provider.

Steve Cremer, President of Harmony Enterprises

If you are interested in learning more about our Proven Process, our quality balers, compactors, or extraction equipment.

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