Hartevatn - The treatment plant of the future case study


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Bykle Council made a decision to build a complete new treatment plant at the southern end of the Harte Lake (Hartevatn). The plant is an innovation both in its architecture and its technical design.

The processing plant is housed in an open industrial building about 790 m² with separate rooms for sludge removal, blowers and ventilators. The building is equipped with a 3.2 tonnes overhead crane that serves the whole plant, making operation much easier.

All the treatment processes are carried out in tanks located at the lower level of the hall. The Kaldnes™ MBBR and gravity thickeners are mounted in six identical 100m³ steel tanks. The Actiflo unit is located in a 60 m³, rectangular, concrete element tank. The steel tanks and the Actiflo are connected via a grating walk-way three meters above floor level for easy access.

The waste water is pumped in from the Hovden area in the north via a newly constructed pumping station located next to the existing Hovden Treatment Plant. The southern central region delivers its waste water to the plant via a series of pumping stations. The scope of delivery for Krüger Kaldnes is divided into 2 separate contracts – a turnkey installation containing the biological and chemical treatment processes and a contract for the delivery of pre-treatment and dewatering mechanical equipment. The two contracts complement each other such that together they form the complete process and equipment delivery from inlet to outlet.

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