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Whenever you buy a new piece of equipment, you always need Product Support. You want to be able contact the manufacturer and get the help you need. It is exactly the same here at Cirrus Research. Did you know you can contact us directly for any hardware or software problems you are facing? If not, here’s now.

How to Contact the Cirrus Support Team

The easiest way is to either email support@cirrusresearch.com with your question or use the form on our website.

Both of these will create a new ticket in our support system. We will be able to get in touch quickly and effectively. It’s important that you include as much information as possible. You can also attach files and images if it’s difficult to explain.

Need to speak to someone directly? Is your question is urgent You can also us on 01723 891 655 during our office hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm UK time.

After your call, we’ll raise a support ticket so that you can track the response to your question afterwards and come back to us if you need anything else. We can also use the support ticket to send you information as attachments.

Finding Answers and Solutions

There’s a wealth of information that we’ve already published on our website and on our Support Portal. It’s often worth searching these to see if you can find the answer that you need. You can search the main Cirrus website or you can search the Support Portal.

Can’t find what you need? Don’t worry as you can email us, raise a support ticket or call us and we’ll help you find the information.

Let Us Know How We’re Doing

It’s always good to know what we’re doing right and how we improve. We’re always happy to receive comments and feedback from our customers and you can email these to support@cirrusresearch.com or let us know through the support website.

We’d also like to get feedback using our Customer Satisfaction Survey. There are only five quick questions and we’d appreciate any feedback, comments or even compliments.

You can complete the survey here.

Video Tutorials and Product Training Videos

You can view the current tutorials and product videos on our YouTube or Vimeo channels. We will be regularly posting new videos to these channels, so it’s worth subscribing for instant updates.

There are playlists and collections of videos that show a range of different instruments, as well as the NoiseTools software. For example, we’ve put together a set of videos that show how to use the NoiseTools software with the Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder. These are available within a playlist on YouTube or as a collection on Vimeo.

Here are the links for these resources:

Cirrus Research YouTube Channel

Cirrus Research Vimeo Channel

Information Library

The Information Library contains a wide range of information such as user manuals, software downloads, product datasheets and technical notes. The most popular page in the Information Library is the software page that gives you a link to download the very latest version of the NoiseTools software.

There’s also a range of detailed technical notes that cover subjects such as Tonal Noise Detection with the Optimus Green Sound level Meters and Advanced Installation of NoiseTools software. The Information Library can be accessed using the link below.

Cirrus Information Library

Remote Support

If we need to get more information about an issue that you’ve raised, we can also use our remote support system that allows us to connect to your PC and diagnose what’s happening. This is something that we’d need to discuss with you beforehand but it can often help us to track down the source of a problem.

We’re Here to Help

Don’t forget that we’re here to help you before, during and after your purchase. If you have a question at any time, please do ask as we’ve often been asked before and we can get you the information that you need.

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