Hawaii: Shrimp & fish consultant predicts aeration change


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

The term 'aeration' will change to include its equally important counterpart, circulation, predicts a leading aquaculture consultant in Hawaii. His years of experience include extensive to intensive cultivation of many species: P. vannamei, P. strylirostris and P. monodon shrimp; freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii; oysters; and both freshwater and saltwater fish. 'Destratification of temperature and oxygen is why I use aeration and the AIRE-O2® aerator is the best.'

Comparing the AIRE-O2® aerator with the Taiwan paddlewheel, he added, 'For about the same price, I can have an AIRE-O2® unit that will run much longer, trouble-free hours and do a better job. Every other aerator I have ever used is now in a junk pile, while every AIRE-O2® unit I have ever used is currently in operation today!' For more information, contact Aeration Industries Int’l.

' I’m glad to see Aeration Industries working with the small aquaculture companies and supplying us with a cost effective and superior product, both in performance and materials,' reported the consultant.

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