HawkEye CSO Discharge Alarm System


Courtesy of Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group

Hawkeye is a two-channel GSM telemetry recorder and a joint venture between Hydro-Logic and IETG of Leeds.

Hydro-Logic provide the key electronic and firmware technology basing it on our successful Hawk range of outstations.

It was the first fully integrated measurement and telemetry system specifically designed to monitor the performance of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO).

All electronics and batteries are housed in an explosion-proof metal enclosure that can be located underground inside a manhole chamber or confined space - all approved to European ATEX certification standards.

Hawkeye can be supplied with an integrated ultrasonic air-ranging sensor, float switch or both providing a choice of full level monitoring or logging the duration of a spill event above the float-switch activation level. Hawkeye is also available as a data logger without an internal GSM modem.

  • Save installation costs by not needing to construct a secondary telemetry enclosure outside the confined space chamber
  • Save civils costs by not requiring an additional power or telecommunication connections, no road cuts, pavement-mounted pillars or cabinets
  • Reduce maintenance visits by using a non-contact ultrasonic sensor.

Hawkeye's communication structure is designed to integrate with established asset monitoring and alarm systems. Future changes or upgrades can be easily implemented as the whole structure can be reprogrammed remotely.

Hawkeye2 was introduced in spring 2007 which applied the knowledge and experience gained from 2000+ site installations, alongside new technological enhancements.

Improvements include:

  • Largest battery pack of any similar product available on the market today
  • Use different sensors and send signals / outputs to other devices (ideal for other applications outside the CSO such as storage tanks or flooding)
  • Run a series of sophisticated data analysis tools on the data
  • Ability for the interface of the simple sewer data with radar rainfall from the Met Office or the collation of this data into 'alarm groups'.

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