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When it comes to using wastewater heat from channels, provision and evaluation of hydraulic and thermal wastewater data is urgently needed prior to planning and implementation of facilities. Knowing the wastewater temperatures as well as the flow rates - particularly as dry weather discharge – is an indispensable component. It is therefore essential to carry out preliminary measurements before the planning stage.

Important here is that the measurements are based on a period which reflects all possible discharges. Practical experiences unfortunately show that faulty basic data have been used during the construction of facilities since the measured data included only a small period of time. In this case during the measurement period water from a ground water drawdown/dewatering measure has been discharged into the respective channel. After this temporary measure has been finished, the dry weather discharge turned out to be significantly lower than assumed during the planning stage, causing considerable modifications regarding the layout of the wastewater heat recovery facility.

Therefore important for wastewater measurements:
- Measurement over a representative period of time
- Consideration of all influencing factors and activities around the channel

The measuring technologies basically vary in terms of:
- Non-contact measurement methods
- Measurement methods using sensors within the wastewater stream

Wastewater flow rates currently currently can be collected with the following devices:
- Clamp-On-Systems on full pipelines such as wastewater pressure lines
 (system NivuSonic)
- Mobile instruments for installation in manholes (system NPP)
- Mobile instruments for installation on the channel bottom (system PCM)

You can find a project description on the collection of data for the reuse of
wastewater heat on www.nivus.com.

NIVUS provides the required range of services from flow meters / temperature meters through the implementation of complete measurement campaigns.

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