Heat Protection Gloves: Which Professions Use Them?

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In a wide variety of industries, companies are required to provide the proper safety equipment for their employees. Health and safety has become a top priority for businesses in recent years, providing protection for both workers and the companies who employ them.

Among other things, gloves have become a common protective item in the workplace. Particularly for workers who are dealing with high temperatures on a regular basis, gloves can prove to be an incredibly important part of an all-round safety conscious work space.

Heat protection gloves are a lot more useful to people in some professions than others. Here, we take a quick look at a number of industries and professions which see heat protection gloves used on a regular basis as a means of protecting the worker.


Welders are common in a variety of industries, and they all share one key feature in their working day: working with heat. The nature of a welder's job requires that they are provided with heat resistant clothing which doesn't restrict their movement in any serious way.

Welders work in close proximity to extreme temperatures, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they require heat protective gloves on a regular basis.


Another kind of work which features high temperatures alongside the need for perfect dexterity is glassworking. In these situations, it is essential that employers are aware of cut resistant gloves standards. Heat resistant properties are of utmost importance, but it's also essential that these heat protection gloves are cut resistant. If the gloves become torn, it is easy to see how this could cause serious problems for those working with high temperatures. Glassworkers are particularly vulnerable in this respect, as they are also working with sharp materials.


Mechanics use heat-proof gloves for a number of tasks. This is another example of a profession in which it is extremely important to have hard-wearing, durable gloves. Workers need to have confidence in their safety equipment and to know that the protection they use will not let them down when they are working in the toughest of conditions. This piece from Imperial College London can help employers select the right glove.


No list of professions in which heat protective equipment is necessary would be even close to complete without a mention of those who work in the fire-fighting business. Again, fire-fighters provide a perfect example of a job which requires workers to maintain full use of their hands while in the midst of colossal heat.

Laboratory Assistants

Protective gloves are not only important for those working in extreme conditions, but also for those working with potentially dangerous materials. The combination of hazardous chemicals and proximity to heat make lab assistants another fine example of a profession which requires heat protection for the hands. As this piece from the University of Sussex highlights, regulations are in place for such scenarios.

Kitchen Workers

Food preparation is an area which is subject to particular scrutiny when it comes to health and safety. In addition to the huge number of regulations in place to ensure that hygiene is considered of prime importance, kitchen workers can sometimes also require heat protection for their hands.

Nedless to say, many kitchen environments see workers coming into contact with high temperatures. The regularity with which some employees will come into contact with heat means that standard oven gloves are rarely sufficient to protect the worker.


A recent BBC piece highlights the requirements of an astronaut's suit. As you'd probably expect, astronauts require a lot of equipment which is designed to cope with very specific and demanding conditions. Heat protection is considered hugely important, as astronauts often come into contact with both extremely high and low temperatures.

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