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Heavy Duty Plastic Pond Liner for Gold and Copper Mining Project in Congo


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Heavy duty plastic pond liner, also known as HDPE pond liner or geomembrane pond liner, is impermeable, tough, flexible and high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. HDPE pond liner is among the most durable and long-lasting polyethylene liners on the market which can be fusion welding together to form permanent seals in the field. The heavy duty plastic pond liner has been significantly used as the anti-seepage lining system for evaporation ponds, tailings impoundments and heap leach pads in mining industry since 1970. The most extensive use of the geomembrane pond liner has been, and remains, in the construction of evaporation ponds, starting in the early 1970’s, and heap leach pads starting in the late 1970’s. Tailings impoundments have historically been mostly soil lined, but increasing in their use of geomembrane pond liner in recent times. Heavy duty plastic pond liner has good anti-seepage performance and excellent durability that can maximize the protection of groundwater resources from pollution.

CONGO is rich in gold mine. Our congo client is a big gold mining company which has numerous licenses been issued by the Congo government to their company. Their business consists of exploration, exploitation, environmental impact analysis, and production license for our area of operations. They contacted us for the HDPE certification of heavy duty plastic pond liner in May, 2019.

In their gold and copper mine processing, a lot of sodium cyanide and caustic sode sprayed and spill, the heavy metal liquid is extremely dangerous for the environment and underground water. So the Congo government and their company management asked us for the chemical and UV certificates, which are certifying our heavy duty plastic pond liner the ability to resist the poisonous substance.

We asked our national chemical testing center to  test our product for nearly two months, Finally, the authorized certificate was issued.  With the help of our certificates, BPM clients gained the government permission and ordered BPM HDPE geomembrane on their gold mining process ponds.They chose 2.0mm as the bottom waterproof base, and 0.5mm HDPE geomembrane liner as the cover liner. They also selected other geocomposite drainage net and GCL as the drainage system.

Specifications of Heavy Duty Plastic Pond Liner for Gold and Copper Mining Project in Congo
  • Total plastic pond liner quantity – 200,000 square meters
  • Thickness- 2.0mm and 0.5mm
  • Each roll size 7m*100m
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