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Heavy equipment manufacturer


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Overview: Multi-plant implementation, 20 plus sites, of EPOCH Chemical Management, Source Monitoring and Hazardous Waste Management modules, with interfaces to inventory / purchasing system to automate data entry for chemical movement and usage. Regulatory reporting, Tier II and 313 Form R, is generated as a by-product of processing the inventory transactions received electronically and having EPOCH calculate constituent amounts, maximum, average and usage. No manual input is required. At a corporate level data may be summarized through standard or user developed reports for chemical or constituent minimization programs. EPOCH is also used for monthly water DMR reports and annual RCRA data analysis. 
Technology: Wide area network Windows XP workstations, Web access through Citrix Server, database manager - DB2.. 
Benefit: Reduce or eliminate data entry via application interfaces, spreadsheet and/or word processing turn around documents; quality of data sent to regulators improved over manual input from inventory printouts into custom spreadsheets; management reports available on a roll-up basis for a plant or process, through regional and corporate levels for cost reduction programs.

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