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Heavy media coal hydro-transport in Malinau, Indonesia: a process study

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In Indonesia, coal transportation has traditionally been handled by trucks and by other mechanical means. With the expansion plan of coal production and increasing truck costs, Kayan Putra Utama Coal believes that alternative modes of transportation must be considered. For long distance transport of export size coal, one of the most viable options is to use coal slurry pipeline. This paper compares the technical issues involved in all coal pipeline options. Economic analysis compares the cost of transporting coal from the mines to ports by the best option of coal slurry pipeline or truck. On the basis of these comparisons, recommendations are made on how coal slurry pipeline can help in achieving proposed increased production targets and decreasing the operation's export coal transportation costs.

Keywords: coal slurry pipelines, coal transportation, heavy media coal hydro-transport, Indonesia, long distance transport, transport costs, trucks, export coal

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