HEIMTSA project publishes first newsletter

The EU funded project HEIMTSA has published its first newsletter. It contains information on the project and specific topics on environment and health. NILU is one of the 21 project partners.
HEIMTSA - Health and Environment Integrated Methods and Toolbox for Scenario Assessment - is about developing methods and tools for the assessment of environmental health risks and consequences and doing this in an integrated way across disciplines, pollutants and sectors.
HEIMTSA project publishes first newsletter

An international team of scientists in the areas of epidemiology, environmental science and biosciences collaborates on developing and applying new approaches to the scenario assessment. It focuses on the areas of transport, energy, agriculture, industry, household, and waste treatment and disposal. HEIMTSA aims to support the Environment and Health Action Plan (EHAP) 2004-2010 by developing and improving health impact assessment (HIA) and cost benefit analysis (CBA) methods and tools. The tools will improve the evaluation of health impacts scenarios for policy makers throughout Europe.

NILU takes on an important role in this project by leading two sub-projects. It is further participating in the other sub-projects and work packages. Several NILU departments are involved in the work of HEIMTSA.

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