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Helios Tube Cleaning System Case Study: VCU Medical Center


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Implementation of Helios Tube Cleaning System improves chiller efficiency by 8% and reduces energy  consumption by over 2 million kW -hrs.Helios

In December 2014, VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA installed Innovas Technologies’ Helios Tube Cleaning System on a 1200 -ton Trane chiller identified as N. Hospital Chiller #1.  Data were collected from existing chiller instrumentation before and after Helios Tube Cleaning System installation to analyze chiller energy efficiency and determine the Helios Tube Cleaning System impact on chiller efficiency

ASHRAE Guideline 14 Measurement of Energy and Demand Savings provides protocols for measurement and validation of energy-saving initiatives and projects. ASHRAE 14 requires monitoring of pre-retrofit (baseline) performance and post-retrofit performance. From the baseline data, a multivariate regression analysis is performed to develop a predictive performance model for the chiller, and the baseline energy consumption can then be projected into the post-retrofit time period. The difference between the baseline energy use and the post-retrofit energy use represents the estimated energy savings. The results below represent the analysis of the data gathered from VCU in accordance with methods described in ASHRAE Guideline 14.

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