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Helping sudan`s petroleum industry go green case study


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The Sudan National Petroleum Corporation, also known asSudapet, is a state-owned oil company based in Sudan.

The Problem
Sudan currently has no legal environmental monitoring requirements or targets and goals for Oil and Petroleum companies.
The ministry for Energy and Mining have decided to start the process of developing environmental standards in the country but want to get companies used to monitoring and reporting data before setting limits and legislation. Companies will be asked to report to Sudapet and the data will be taken into account when standards are decided.

The Solution
A review was undertaken to identify a system they could provide each company with a comprehensive monitoring system that they could manage data collection internally and share results with Sudapet in a secure and safe way.

Sudapet also wanted a system that would handle large volumes of data, be flexible depending on the individual requirements while being facile to operate.

A Monitor Pro system combining MP-5 and MP-Web operating around a central database was selected due to its comprehensive suite of features and security features.

Sudapet has put in place a system where each company will have two or three admin users who will operate MP-5 to maintain the database and set up monitoring schedules, task schedules, compliance grids, custom reports and other high end functionality.

Day to day users and technicians will use the internet based MP-Web. This will allow admin users to limit individual's access to appropriate areas only. MP-Web allows for quick and easy use while offering functionality for users to review data, compile reports, draw graphs, enter data and produce maps with no formal training or installation.

The Results
The process is in early stages of development but the response has already been positive. EHS Data are now working with Sudapet to implement phase two and preparing to train selected user companies in how to use the software.

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