HEM 582 R-Truck - one chipper for all customers


Courtesy of JENZ GmbH Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau

Lorenz Waldinger relies on the JENZ Chippertruck

Forester Lorenz Waldinger is relying on JENZ technology for the second time. His new chipper truck has enabled him to acquire new customers and to improve the economic efficiency of his machine deployment.

In 1999 Lorenz Waldinger, from Buchbach in the rural district of Mühldorf, founded a small forestry company. In addition to felling trees, milling rootstocks and forestry mulching, woodchippings played their part right from the beginning. 'In the beginning we traded in woodchippings and only dealt with the transport ourselves. Another service provider was responsible for chipping' explained Mr Waldinger, who is a trained farmer. In 2006 he made the decision to buy his own chipper. The businessman, who is fascinated by technology, decided to buy a used JENZ HEM 560 Z. Shortly before this, he was able to watch a JENZ chipper working. 'I was absolutely thrilled by the machine. Performance, quality of work, everything was just right' is how he explained his decision for the purchase. In the following years he was able to continuously expand his woodchipping business. Nowadays it is his company's core business. Waldinger now has two permanent employees throughout the year, further temporary workers support him at peak times.

A new JENZ in the vehicle fleet
When the used HEM 560 Z with its power shaft reached its limits, a new purchase was made in spring 2010. It was obvious that it needed to be an HGV chipper. Mr Waldinger explained his decision. 'We cover a huge area where we work. We spend a lot of time on the road. We don't just get to our customers quicker with an HGV. We have less tyre wear, lower diesel consumption and better driving comfort.' In the end, the decision was made to buy a JENZ chipper truck with a 480 hp engine and an add-on HEM 582. This machine enabled the company to secure a very large contract in Hessen. This was a windthrow area in which he produced around 8000 bulk cubic metres of woodchippings in around two weeks. Even during this first deployment, the chipper truck exceeded its expectations. Throughputs of 200 bulk cubic metres per hour were not uncommon, and all that at very low fuel consumption.

Conveyor belt success story
An outfeed conveyor was then retrofitted in December. Immediately afterwards, Waldinger was awarded a huge contract at a paper factory: pre-shredding of peeled tree trunks for material recycling. The requirements on the woodchipping quality are extremely high in such jobs. With the conveyor belt, the chipper truck was able to produce precise chippings with very low fines content. 'I would never have won this contract and job without the conveyor belt. Other chipper companies fell at this hurdle. We have lots of customers who look very carefully at the output of the chipper. Our conveyor belt woodchippings have become quality standards for wood gas plant operators.' Waldinger started to do business with a heating plant in Austria only because his machine did not produce any dust and worked considerably quieter than a chipper with an ejection blower. The plant is in the middle of a housing estate. Dust and noise are extremely undesirable here.

Economic efficiency and flexibility
The conveyor belt also has considerable benefits in terms of economic efficiency: it requires much less power than an ejection blower. That means there is more motor power available for chipping. On top of this, the belt is subject to considerably less wear. When processing dirty source material, the machine can operate at a lower rotor speed as the belt ensures a reliable outfeed. This means that the wear on the chipper is considerably reduced.
With its large swivel area, variable speed and a loading height of 5.2 m, the conveyor belt offers almost as much flexibility as an ejection blower during material outfeed. Despite this, Mr Waldinger still wouldn't want to do without the blower. Should it be needed it is there and ready for use.

The right decision!
The new chipper truck has been in operation for a year now. The counter shows impressive 1100 drum working hours. In addition to the economic efficiency, Mr Waldinger praised the high resale value of a JENZ machine. He is very satisfied with the service and spare parts provision. He has certainly not regretted his decision to purchase another JENZ. The company is now well-equipped to survive difficult competition in the future as well.

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