Here Are More Reasons To Switch To New Car Steam Cleaner Machines


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Car cleaning is one of those tasks every car owner has to perform on a regular basis to keep the car clean and shiny. Cleaning the car exteriors generally involves using a multitude of equipment, such as buckets, towels, sponges, water from a garden hose, commercial cleaning chemicals, and many more. However, the combined action of all these equipment may sometimes fail to produce the kind of results you expect. For this reason, smart car owners and car wash professionals have replaced all these equipment with a single machine, known as a car steam cleaner, capable of accomplishing excellent car wash results.

What makes steam pressure cleaners so good?

Unlike traditional steamers or power washers, car steam cleaner machines feature the perfect combination of aspects required to get cars as clean and sparkling as new. Vapor steamers never produce the pressure levels needed to blast off dirt deposits from car exteriors, and power cleaners feature too high pressure levels that could blast away the paint from car surfaces. There had to be a way of combining the high temperatures of steamer machines with moderate pressure levels. This is exactly what leading suppliers offer in their advanced car steam cleaner systems.

Top-grade car detailing systems available from reputed brands come with pressure levels of up to 1500 psi that are safe for use on vehicle exteriors and yet powerful enough to blast off tough deposits of grease, dirt, and mud from different surfaces. These car steam cleaner machines feature temperatures as high as 250ºF that help dissolve dirt, grease, bugs, and tree sap stuck on car exteriors, making them easier to clean off. Moreover, low-flow rates down to .5 gpm help maintain vehicles while keeping water usage to a minimum. The low-flow rates also make the machines ideal for maintaining automobile engines.

Versatile functions

The hot steam generated by steam car wash systems is a powerful cleaning force that is tough on dirt yet gentle on car surfaces. For this reason, the portable steam cleaner machines are ideal for use on different parts of the vehicle, such as the wheels, tires, glass, windshield, mirrors, and exteriors. This helps car cleaning professionals avoid the use of multiple machines and instead just use a single car washing equipment. To enhance the cleaning action of steam, the best steam car wash machines available from leading suppliers come with detergent injection features. This enables users to add green chemicals and thus experience the powerful cleaning action of detergent-enriched steam.
Portable steam cleaner systems are great for a range of other functions. For instance, the heavy buildup of iced snow on vehicles is a major problem during winters. However, steam-based car washing equipment offers an easy solution to this problem. The steam ejected by steam car wash systems melts away the snow stuck on vehicles quickly and effectively.

To ensure that you get to experience all these exciting benefits, visit the online stores of reputed brands and browse through their extensive range of car washing equipment.

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