Hermos precision grinding machine overturn the traditional double face CBN grinding process

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In the grinding of surface machining and parallel surfaces machining, modern face grinder CBN almost completely replaced the original rough grinding, fine grinding or polishing process, making the workpiece using CNC double-end grinder grinding grinding process more efficient, workpiece cleaner, currently general surface grinding gradually being replaced by CBN grinder double face.


As for plane parallel processing CBN double-end grinders, the materials include metal, ceramic, plastic or other semiconductor. hard turning machine The thickness of the grinding may be less than 1mm, CNC Grinding double end can also be very sharp grinding even when pressure is very small, CBN double-face grinder can be reliably generated repeatedly and adjust the pressure changes.


Double-face grinder in the low pressure range, the CVT pneumatic power systems to ensure the maintenance of a smooth, continuously variable force structure. Delicate linear guides ensure that the trajectory of the working disk is almost at zero friction state, so you can ensure that the deviation from the outset rated load and the actual load in between the minimum range. Can be adjusted independently of the arc gear coupling plate is always guaranteed to work freely in the best condition, so that the cutting force throughout the grinding process can be evenly distributed to all parts. Workpiece damage, poor workpiece geometry and plate movement staggered and other circumstances will not existed any more.


Shenyang Institute of Hermos CNC Ltd, the parent company of Shenyang Hermos CNC Machine Tools co.,ltd, provides a perfect fit with the work of CBN grinding wheel, making double-face grinder Hermos CBN completely replace the traditional coarse grinding. You can contact us to help you find more suitable grinding solution for your production.

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