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Heywoords - non condensing boiler case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

  • Customer: John Hart
  • Location: Heywards Heath, West Sussex
  • Heating System: Open Vented Oil Fired Non Condensing
  • Installed: 10/07

Property: 17TH Century house which had been added to over the years.

Problem: A small 17th century cottage that had rooms added to it over the years. As the property was extended, new radiators were also added to the heating system. The last addition was a conservatory which extended the heating system to a point that the boiler was unable to heat the system efficiently. The result was that none of the radiators were getting as warm as they should and the conservatory radiator would not heat at all. The room thermostat was set at 24°C in an attempt to get the place warm.

The Solution

A Vortex was fitted.
Within a couple of days, the owner rang me to tell me that the system, which was previously failing was now running perfectly. All noise from the system was now noticeably absent and the room thermostat was now set back at 20°C.

The owner reported that every radiator in the house was now hot even the conservatory which had previously never heated up. The whole house was now warm and the domestic hot water was hotter and also heated and recovered much quicker.

The owner, who is a builder, was so impressed with the performance of Vortex that he is now one of our growing band of distributors who can speak from experience of the effectiveness of Vortex.

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