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HF Pure Water’s Treatability Study (Bench-testing) Service


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HF Pure Water, a division of HF Group, Inc., based in California, USA, offers, among its water treatment product-line, various AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) application processes to treat customer-specific water and wastewater streams. As an integral and critical part of this technology offering, we are pleased to offer our bench-scale Treatability Study service for a small fee. Such a study will treat a customer-specific water/wastewater sample – drawn from a customer site – in order to demonstrate the treatability of the specific sample by our AOP technologies.

  • HF can perform a bench-scale AOP Treatability test on a representative water/wastewater sample drawn from customer site (Typically, a 5-gallon sample volume is required)
  • We only charge US$6,000 per test-sample (Analytical and shipping costs are not included in the bench-test fee and are the responsibility of the customer). An additional US$2,000 shall apply for each additional sample from the same project/site (for example, a bench-test featuring two water samples drawn up and downstream of an existing air-stripper / activated carbon unit shall cost US$8,000).
  • Test will be performed at our Compton, California, USA in-house applications laboratory and will subject the customer water/wastewater sample through our miniature, bench-scale AOP system and, if needed, through various modes/mechanisms of AOP processes;
  • Test will be conducted and run by an accomplished in-house Chemist with extensive AOP background and expertise.
  • Customer’s water sample shall be subjected to various doses of oxidant(s) in order to determine the most optimum AOP process solution to treat that specific water sample. The use of various doses of oxidants enables HF to generate our dose-response curve specific to the customer’s water/wastewater in question;
  • We need approx. 5 gallons (20 liters) of water/wastewater sample to conduct our treatability study. We will advise customer of the exact volume required after performing a quick review of the characteristics of the customer’s specific water/wastewater as well as the treatment objectives.

Objectives and Benefits of HF’s Bench-scale Treatability Test:

  • To Demonstrate the Treatability of a specific customer water/wastewater;
  • Test will help determine the most optimum AOP process that best fits a customer application as HF Pure Water does not believe in a ‘one-AOP-process-fits-all’ approach;
  • A comprehensive report including a discussion of the results will be submitted;
  • In most cases, a dose-response curve of contaminant concentration vs. oxidant concentration (typically an exponential function representing classic first-order kinetics) will be generated and shall be included as part of the test report;
  • Report shall be written by our in-house Chemist;
  • The bench-test shall constitute the scientific basis of design of the customer’s corresponding full-scale AOP process application in question;
  • Will enable HF Pure Water to offer our Signature Performance Guarantee for the corresponding full-scale AOP process;
  • An optional follow-up Proposal for the corresponding full-scale process (available at customer request at no charge to customer) shall incorporate HF’s Signature Performance Guarantee for the full-scale process;
  • Please refer to the accompanying table below to verify the treatability of your specific contaminant(s) by our AOP processes.

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