HF Pure Water VS. The Coffee Borer Beetle


Courtesy of HF Pure Water

Recently, HF Pure Water successfully installed a Chlorine Removal System at a small coffee farm on the big island of Hawaii. Like many coffee farms in the area and around the world, the coffee bean crop had been devastated by the Coffee Borer Beetle. An all-out effort was needed to rid the farm’s crops of this beetle as many small farms has had their entire crop destroyed, resulting in their going out of business. This coffee farm was desperate to save its declining business.

Pesticides were the first line of defense. However, the use of pesticides was ineffective and resulted in dangerous exposure to people as well as a violation to organic requirements. A more natural solution to this problem was employed using a mold spore mixed with water and sprayed on the crops. The mold spore mixture killed the Coffee Borer Beetle and thereby allowed the coffee beans to grow and ripen properly. The side effect of this solution however was slower growth of the crop due to the high chlorine levels in the local water. This is where HF Pure Water came into the picture.

Upon obtaining the water quality information from the coffee farm, HF Pure Water developed a customized system to remove the chlorine from the local water used by the farm. The HF Pure Water Chlorine Removal System recently installed removed the chlorine from the local water supply, thereby allowing purified water to irrigate the crop for greater growth as well as make the mold spore treatment more effective in eliminating the Coffee Borer Beetle. An additional benefit was enjoyed by the coffee farmers. Instead of buying bottled water, the farmers and their families can now drink water from the tap thanks to the purified water provided by the HF Pure Water Chlorine Removal System. This small farm can now win the battle against a dangerous pest while at the same time enjoyed a better quality of life.

It is not uncommon for HF Pure Water to develop a customized treatment solution. In addition to the Chlorine Removal System, HF Pure Water provides other treatment solutions for water and wastewater. Customized systems involving the technologies of Advanced Oxidation (combining ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and UV for contaminant destruction), Vacuum Distillation (destroying contaminants by evaporating the water in a vacuum chamber), and Reverse Osmosis, (treatment of water via membranes) are available to provide solutions to water and wastewater issues for Industrial, Military, and Government customers worldwide. All systems are skid-mounted designed with fully automated controls and stainless steel construction. Full service maintenance is also provided for all systems.

For more details of the lineup of HF Pure Water’s water and wastewater treatment systems, one can go to the company’s website here , or call at 310-605-0755. HF Pure Water is a member of the Singapore Water Association as well as the Water Environment Federation and will be present at the upcoming Singapore International Water Week on June 1-5, 2014.

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