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Hias IKS - Hamar - Case Study


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  • Client: Hias IKS
  • Solution: CambiTHP

HIAS, Hamar
The HIAS wastewater treatment plant serves the city of Hamar and several smaller villages in the area around. It is dimensioned for a population equivalent of 90,000. In 1995 Cambi built its first full-scale thermal hydrolysis installation at HIAS as part of a new sludge treatment process including hydrolysis, digestion and dewatering. It has since been in successful operation.

The sludge treatment process has a capacity of 3,600 tonnes/year dry solids (DS) at 16% DS of raw sludge. The HIAS WWTP produces approx. 2,650 tonnes dry solids/year, but because of the popularity of the process and the end product HIAS has progressively imported more sludge from neighbouring communities.

On the 19 January 2005 Cambi AS was awarded a contract to supply an additional thermophilic anaerobic digester to increase capacity and provide extra capacity. Since start of operations in January 2006 the total solids conversion has increased from 43% to 53%, equivalent to 69% VS conversion of organic solids to biogas.
The reactor at HIAS is 9 m³, and operates at 1-10 bar pressure.

The final product is spread as cake of 30-35% DS.

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