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Hidden oasis: water conservation and efficiency in Las Vegas

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Two of the West’s preeminent water organizations report Las Vegas Valley is sitting on an oasis of water and money savings. In their new report, the Pacific Institute and Western Resource Advocates find up to 40% of water could be saved in some sectors through improvements to indoor and outdoor water efficiency. They also found that through improving indoor water efficiency in particular, Las Vegas residents and businesses can cut water-related energy use and greenhouse gases. These findings are contained in “Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas,” available for download below.

“Ninety percent of Las Vegas’ water efficiency money is spent on one program—turf removal. This program is important, but participation has waned and it is far from the only tool at their disposal,” said Heather Cooley, report co-author and Pacific Institute Senior Associate. “Las Vegas should capitalize on strategies that other Western cities have proven to be effective.”

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