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Cascade sonotrode for high power ultrasonic applications

Hielscher offers various sonotrode designs for its ultrasonic processors. One of these designs is Hielscher’s so-called Cascatrode® - a cascade sonotrode. The Cascatrode® is developed for industrial processing and is available for all industrial ultrasonic processors - from UP500hd (0.5kW), UIP1000hd (1kW), UIP1500hd (1.5kW) and UIP2000hd (2kW) up to the world’s most powerful ultrasonic device UP16000 (16kW).

The Cascatrode’s® specific and distinguishing feature are the conical, disc-shaped segments (or rings) at the sonotrode’s neck. Each disc is arranged in one of the oszillation maximums of the sonotrode. By these rings, the vibrating surface that couples the ultrasound into the sonicated medium can be significantly enlarged.

An increase of the horizontal surfaces is important as the horizontal area is essential for the transmission of the longitudinal waves into the medium with the objective to generate cavitation, while the transmission by the vertical surface area of a sonotrode is negligible. The Cascatrode® makes it possible to transmit high power at high amplitudes into the processed liquid medium.

Larger sonotrode surfaces are especially important for processing lager volumes. The Cascatrode® can be manufactured in various lengths and with a varying number of rings – suitable to the process intensity and the specific application. As used for high power and high volume processes, the Cascatrodes® are mostly installed into continuous flow-through systems. They are adaptable with flow cell reactors that allows for efficient inline processing at industrial scale.

Typical applications of high power ultrasonic processing are homogenizing, disintegration, emulsifying, dispersing or particle size reduction (milling).

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