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High Density Polypropylene Liner for Reservoir Project in Thailand - Case Study


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High density polypropylene liner, also known as HDPE geomembrane liner, is the preferred geosynthetic product as the anti seepage lining system for such civil engineering projects as waste containment, water containment, aquaculture, industrial project, energy project and mining project, etc. High density polypropylene liner used in underground anti-corrosion and anti-seepage engineering is based on the ordinary waterproof board after formula reorganization, using high-quality low-pressure high-density polyethylene raw materials, and scientifically equipped The auxiliary materials such as carbon black, anti-aging agents, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, stabilizers, etc., The high density polypropylene liner is made with three-layer co-extrusion technology using currently advanced international fully automatic geotechnical production equipment. This production line is highly automated, from order input, formula, feeding, processing to quality monitoring, which are fully automatically controlled by the computer and operated strictly according to scientific data.

High density polypropylene liner is the cost effective anti-seepage prevention technology  especially for hilly reservoirs and plain reservoirs with small water storage depth, the use of impermeable HDPE geomembrane to prevent and control reservoir leakage is a kind of good anti-seepage effect and construction simple, fast and low cost method. The HDPE geomembrane liner  has revived some reservoirs that were originally abandoned or technically very difficult, and has also successfully built reservoirs to store water in some reservoirs that were originally thought to be impossible to build or where the cost is too high.

High Density Polypropylene Liner for Reservoir Project in Thailand - Case Study

BPM Thailand customer found us from our Google website. Thailand customer wanted professional solutions to reservoir seepage prevention project. According to 10 years of successful experience of HDPE geomembrane liner in controlling reservoir seepage prevention, we introduced customer to choose high density polypropylene liner with short construction period, simple construction, convenient maintenance and low investment cost for anti-seepage treatment. With regard to the design and construction methods of high density polypropylene linerfor preventing and controlling reservoir leakage, the basic principles and calculation methods of impermeable geomembrane dosage have a lot of experience. According to the size of the reservoir provided by the Thailand customer, the BPM team calculated the quantity, including various precautions. The BPM team told the customer one by one. The BPM team sent a video of the impermeable HDPE geomembrane liner production equipment and production process to the Thailand customer. And we sent the successful cases of reservoir seepage prevention, Thai customer was very interested in our HDPE geomembrane product, and then the BPM team sent geomembrane price to Thailand customers. One week later, BPM signed contracts with Thailand customers.

Specifications of High Density Polypropylene Liner for Reservoir Project in Thailand
  • HDPE geomembrane Liner Thickness – 40 mil (1.0mm)
  • Total Quantity – 28,000 Square meters
  • Each Roll Size – 7m*100m
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