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High purify water systems for utility use

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Companies in the utility business have a need for high purity water for their operations such as in diesel generator cooling systems and in turbine generator makeup water. Often, utilities can not depend on the city water as the quality is not pure enough and purchasing local water may be expensive. To gain operational and economic advantages, water purification equipment can be added. These systems have the ability to purify gray water, well water, city water, seawater and waste water. Lifestream Watersystems Inc. works with companies to develop customized systems to treat their impure water, to save money and streamline operations.

What information is necessary to begin? Three important pieces of information are needed to establish feasibility of the project: What is the water analysis of the water from the source to be purified? What is the final quality needed of the high purity water to be produced? How much high purity water is needed each day?

Custom systems can remove particulates, salts, silica, iron, manganese, organics, bacteria/viruses, metals and many other items. The systems will adjust pH as well.

Lifestream develops a system which employs a variety of technologies to purify the water. This will be based upon the contaminants present. The menu of options to form the system include such treatment processes as: media filters, clarifiers, chemical injection systems, bag and particle filters, carbon filters, chlorination systems, reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration, demineralizers, EDI systems and UV sterilizers. The systems are skid mounted and utilize a central control panel and manifold for easy installation and operation. Larger systems utilize PLC operation and can interface with automated plant operations and communication systems onsite and remotely.

As source water varies so greatly in composition, supplying systems for high purity water requires an engineering approach. Lifestream Watersystems Inc. has specialized in made to order, custom equipment for over 15 years and is skilled at analyzing the challenges that are presented and offering practical, reliable technology, integrated for the benefit of the end user.

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