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Situation And Objectives
Veolia ES, a global leader in environmental management, operates a division in Québec responsible for the inspection of underground infrastructure systems; specifically sewer systems. The division has two offices: one in Montreal, another in Quebec City. In 2007 when Veolia® first started looking into the possibility of teaming up with CTSpec, the challenges were considerable. They needed to ensure their inspection services complied with three standards (WRc 3, WRc 4 and CERIU) and they needed to offer an integrated GIS solution that met the requirements of most of the calls for tender issued by municipal administrations in Quebec. At the time, compiling and producing reports and generating thematic maps required a great deal of manual processing. In addition, the lack of consistent standards among the various stakeholders led to significant problems in terms of quality. Ultimately, delivery times were adversely affected, and the quality of information often made extensive manual reprocessing necessary. Veolia therefore turned to CTSpec for help in streamlining its operations and honing its competitive edge.

CTSpec Sewer was rolled out to meet the specific needs of Veolia. The solution quickly became a major driver of productivity in the field as well as in the office. The video capture functions produced digital images that met the standards adopted by the client, thus eliminating the need for subsequent manual tweaking by operators and analysts. All data was automatically and consistently formatted according to the desired structure and standards, regardless of which team carried out the inspection.

Veolia was able to produce pre-defined reports in line with its clients’ precise requirements and with a minimum of turnaround time. What once would have taken days or even weeks, became possible within a matter of minutes. In some emergency situations, Veolia was even able to provide same-day delivery of reports and databases following an inspection.

From a quality standpoint, CTSpec Sewer allowed to significantly reduce and even eliminate problems related to non-compliant or erroneously entered data. The use of pre-completed forms and the data entry validation function were key to ensuring data integrity throughout the process.


Office and field crew productivity grew quickly as tasks became automated, due to such features as the import/export module that synchronized field data with the information in the main database. Veolia saw its productivity grow by over 40%, with no increase in resources.

Competitiveness And Service Quality
The flexibility of the CTSpec solution allowed the customization of data templates, reports and thematic maps, in line with clients’ specific needs. Whereas deadlines had previously been difficult to meet, Veolia was able to virtually deliver real-time paper or electronic reports so that clients could immediately see the results of their inspections.

Inspection Team Management
The digital management of inspection data had an enormous impact on the management of inspection teams. Using the system, all inspection records were filed based on the number of assets inspected, their location and the average inspection time involved so that team productivity could be assessed and resource allocation could be optimized.

CTSpec, as a comprehensive inspection management solution, empowered users to provide effective support for the administration of client accounts in order to achieve maximum performance and cost-efficiency.

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