High quality sand from a 50 year old waste product


Courtesy of CDEnviro

A new CDE sand washing plant in Estonia is producing high quality building materials from what had previously been a waste product.

The plant was purchased to process material that was simply being stockpiled as waste as a result of the high clay content. This same material is now being sold on the Estonian building materials market as high quality, fully certified sand and aggregates.

The plant has recently been commissioned for Paekivitoodete Tehase (Limestone Products) and is located in Estonia’s capital, Talinn. “The plant is actually visible as you fly in to Talinn airport” says CDE’s Eoin Heron who was responsible for delivering the project. The urban location of the site required that CDE’s proposal contained a detailed environmental impact statement as required by the planners. This dealt with issues such as noise pollution and site conditions likely to have an effect on the residents in close proximity to the site.

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