High Rate MAGNAPAK® System reduces high TOC levels at Aireys Inlet


Courtesy of IXOM Watercare

The Aireys Inlet Water Treatment Plant (WTP), located about 150 km from Melbourne, is operated by Barwon Water and sources its raw water from the Painkalac Reservoir.  The raw water contains high levels of colour and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). These factors combined with low alkalinity and variable turbidity make this water very difficult to treat using conventional processes.  The existing conventional 2.85 MLD plant consists of alum coagulation, flash mixing, flocculation, sludge blanket clarification, filtration and chlorine disinfection. Historically, DOC removal objectives were difficult to achieve using this treatment, despite the application of very high alum doses (eg.  enhanced coagulation). This resulted in high treated water chlorine demand, quick chlorine decay, low chlorine residuals and in turn bacterial regrowth in the distribution system.  In addition, the reaction of chlorine with DOC led to the formation of elevated concentrations of disinfection by-products in the treated water.

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