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high speed bottle crate molding technology


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Plastic bottle crate is a crate must have columns for the bottles, and due to different size of bottles, the columns has a different size. have many different key pionts for checking the quality of bottle crate.

offer pepsi crate 12bottles plastic bottle crate moulds making, if you are in need of China beer crate moulds, buy moulds bottle crate, half hight cola crate moulds, bottle crate moulds making, half height bottle crate moulds, it is very great chance to ask for an enquiry from we Focare Mould. 

We are specialized in various complex design of bottle crate moulds, beer crate moulds. The advantage of us is to design all types of bottle crate moulds in automatic drop system, and the fast cycle time for this mould. 

Bottle crate mould can devide into many specifications:

12 bottles crate mould
24 bottles crate mould
9 bottles crate mould
half hight bottle crate mould


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