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High speed plastic packaging molds


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Now in the plastic packaging industry, we are not just satisfied with high quality plastic packaging, but also we are seeking high speed. It’s important to plastic packaging industry with high efficiency production capability. It not only can improve their production cycle time, but also save much production cost for profit. Especially, now the competition is very serious. So in order to improve the production capacity, more and more customers are seeking to make multi-cavities high speed plastic packaging molds and run in particular high speed plastic packaging machine. Now this article is mainly talking about the high speed packaging molds.

For the high speed plastic packaging molds key points are mainly below:

First, in order to guarantee its long mold life, we not only need high quality mould material, normally, we use S136 from ASSAB company, we can guarantee mold life 5 million shots, and in real condition, the mold life will be 2~5 times longer than our guaranteed life.

2nd, Also we need very good design to make sure the mould is strong enough to afford the high injection pressure, and high speed clamping force.

3rd, from the cooling system, high speed sure need short cycle time, so a good cooling system concept is very important to a company design team.

There are more important points about the high speed plastic packaging molds.

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