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High technology organization - what it is, what it isn't

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A large number of definitions of "High Technology" have been used in the literature. This paper reviews and clarifies many of the classifications suggested by academic scholars. It explores how managers in such organisations characterise "high technology organisations", and suggests an approach which provides us with a clear and what could be an agreed and acceptable definition of "high technology organisation". The work consists of a survey and discussion of the advantages and shortcomings of past approaches used for such a classification. The idea is based on an analysis of the opinions of: (a) 24 academic works, and (b) more than 100 top level managers in 60 high technology organisations in Israel and the UK and the match between these and those of academic scholars. The analysis results in a suggested set of three criteria for the classification issue - percentage of employees with a university degree (more than ten); percentage of investment in research and development (more than five); and the area of activity of the organisation (industrial sector).

Keywords: high technology organisation, classification, definition, management

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