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High technology product development: technical and management review system

In a high technology product development environment, due to large uncertainty and complexity, decision-making becomes very difficult. A review system provides a means for systematically dealing with this uncertainty and complexity. This paper intends to bring out a typical review system for high technology product development projects, based on the experiences of the Indian Guided Missile Programme. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the review system, the high technology product development environment has been modelled and the review system has been characterised for use in similar projects. The need for integration of decision making at various levels, integrated implication analysis of technical and managerial issues, special tools for decision collation and conflict resolution in a multi-project environment have been highlighted. The Indian experience shows that as we move from a traditional project environment towards a high technology environment, the review system attains greater significance and becomes vital for the success of the project.

Keywords: high technology projects, review system, multi-project management

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