High Water Protection case study


Courtesy of WaStop International AB

References from WaStop International´s own patented products. WaStop solves problems in a secure and efficient way.

Skövde, WaStop 500mm - SWEDEN

Several WaStop from 200mm to 500mm have been installed in Skövde, Sweden. The checkvalves have been installed in surface water outlets in Tidan community to protect the pipe system against high water coming from the river.

Before the installaton the water got back into the pipe systems when water level in the river was high - a problem that doesn´t exist after the WaStop installation.

SCA Timber in Sundsvall - SWEDEN

During the reconstruction of surface water systems at SCA Timber in Sundsvall, a WaStop 500mm was installed. The checkvalve shall protect the system from high water coming up from the sea, Bottenhavet.

The checkvalve is being installed in a chamber with a diameter of 1000mm, around 10 meters from the harbour edge. The installtion does only take around 30 minutes to complete. If the pipe needs maintanance, the check valve just disassemblies in a few minutes. The headloss in the WaStop is only a few centimeters.

WaStop 600mm - AUSTRIA

This pictures shows a WaStop DN600 installed to protect discharge pipes from rising water and flooding in a treatment plant.

Halmstad harbour - SWEDEN

In January of 2005 Southern Sweden was hit by heavy storm. Halmstad harbour suffered a great deal of damage.
Large amounts of water were forced back into large storm water drains leading to extensive flooding in a parking area for newly imported cars. The several hundred cars parked there were all irreparable damaged due to be covered in sea water.

To ensure that this event would not occur again Halmstad Harbour board decided to install a 1000mm WaStop check valve in the storm water system.

Istra cement d.o.o. in Pula - CROATIA

The company, Istra Cement d.o.o. in Pula, have under a long time leaking flap gates which have led to problems with organisms from the sea. The facility that is stationed in Pula, in the north of Croatia, have outlets in the Adriatic sea and problems occur with high water stand. To ensure a safe protection against high water level, a WaStop DN400 has now been installed.

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