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Higher Filter Loading Rates for Greater Water Reuse Capacity

This research project is designed to provide a systematic approach to determine the effect on recycled water quality of varying filter loading rates—and as influenced by other routinely monitored plant performance parameters. Data obtained from pilot filters in Phase 1 (during the first two years) indicate that a higher loading rate is capable of producing acceptable quality tertiary recycled water, resulting in a significantly higher throughput with the same filtration facilities. At the higher loading rates the pilot filters were able to meet or exceed the four equivalency criteria established by the California Department of Health Services. The filtration system employed at Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency water recycling plant is typical of many of the 250-plus tertiary filtration systems in use in California. Thus, a scientific basis for an acceptably higher filter loading rate may assist other agencies’ ability to increase their water recycling capacities with minimal additional investments.

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