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Highlight Mold Introduction


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Traditional injection molding Moulds are made of steels via machining process.Its water lines are made with drilling simple, intersecting,straight holes with lower heat transfer efficiency, uneven temperature on the cavity surface, easily leading warpage on the plastic parts.Highlight molds innovate the mold design and manufacturing process,making use of pressured vapor or fluids as a media to control the heating and cooling process more efficiently and evenly.The design also maximizes the pipelines and inside the mold, thus allows rapidly raising the mold temperature to the thermo plastic level.It  ensure a smooth flow of the plastic material inside the runner and mold cavity,realize rapid injection, and achieve the production of plastic parts with high strengh,stiffness, and luster on its surface.It also minimizes the problems of deformation,dents,welding lines and waves.After the injection, it allows the cooling water inot the molds to quickly lower the mold temperature and shorten the molding cycle, up to 70%.It is an ideal solution for precision injection molding.


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