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Hightlight and Weldless Mold Application


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Currently, highlight and weldless molds are used to make planer weldless plastic parts,like flat-panel TV,LCD frames,refrigerator,washing machine…they many not have to require hightlight Mold.Instead, deep-hole drilling is sufficient to tooling the media channels on the core.But most plastic parts are with curvature on the surface.It is very difficult to transfer the heat very evenly without using highlight mold,leading to weld lines, joint lines and deformations.Since hightlight mold can be used to manufacturer high-gloss, markless and environmental-friendly plastic parts, also can avoid painting process and corresponding lead content control,which is very good for environmental protection.This technology will bring revolution to the injection molding design concept and moulds manufacturing, promote technical upgrade in mold manufacturing industry and producing enormous social and economic benefit for the establishment of people-oriented harmonious society.


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