Hill Biscuits, Ltd. - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

Wastewater issues from solidified palm oil combined with flour resulting in high operating costs and surcharges. Plant had conventional grease trap to capture the fat.

The two sections of the existing grease trap were isolated and the primary section utilised as the influent source via a dip tube.
A 100 GPM Fogbuster Jr, with automated control system was installed with a low shear Moyno pump for treatment.

The Fogbuster efficiently removed larger  debris and any oils present. The processed effluent passes through a flow meter before
gravity flow into the secondary stage of the original trap and onward to drain. The lower part of the primary section of the grease trap now collects the heavy flour which is emptied by schedule.

The drainage system is now free from fat, well under 100 mg/l and flour providing significant reduction in surcharges. The client now only pays for the waste water actually discharged monitored by the flow.

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